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Open Spaces

Izinga consists of a series of ridges and wetlands. Portions of the development are being rehabilitated to their natural state with indigenous planting and some wetland areas which become wet only periodically and provide attractive recreational space for walking, jogging and cycling paths.

Open Spaces


Izinga is an open suburb with Security Management an integral part of the design and planning of the neighbourhood. Security Management features include camera surveillance systems for the suburbs entrances with patrols on public roads and open spaces.

Secure Neighbourhood

Amenities Near Izinga

The Sharks Board

Natal Sharks Board
The services provided by the Natal Sharks Board include the servicing the shark nets that spread some 320km of coastline in KwaZulu Natal thereby providing protection against shark attacks. In addition to the research conducted at the Natal Sharks Board visitors are encouraged with a large variety of lifelike replicas of sharks, fish and rays on display.

Umgeni River Bird Park

Umgeni River Bird Park
Of the approximate 900 bird species that can be found in South Africa, more than 600 are found in the KwaZulu Natal region. The Umgeni River Bird Park is any bird watchers paradise with a variety of species including the rare Mangrove Kingfisher, Palmnut Vulture and Purple Crested lourie. While a visit to many gardens in this region will result in the sights and sounds of a variety of birds.

Virginia Airport and Flight School

Virginia Flight School
Located at the Virginia Airport, the Virginia Flight School has been training pilots since its founding in 1989. From humble beginnings the Virginia Flight School has grown to become the largest fixed-wing flight training school in KwaZulu Natal. The dedicated team headed by husband and wife Bruce and Sheralee Scott; pride themselves in the high standard of instruction provided.

King Shaka International Airport North Coast

King Shaka International Airport
The King Shaka International Airport ensures that the North Coast will become more accessible to South African and the rest of the world. Initial capacity will allow for four million passengers per annum, while significant expansion remains possible, the runway can accommodate the latest New Generation Large Aircraft.

Gateway Theatre of Shopping

Gateway Theatre of Shopping
Described as the largest shopping centre in Africa or the southern hemisphere for that matter, the Gateway Theatre of Shopping is host to over 1.8 million shoppers each month. The retail floor space of 180,000 square meters houses almost all of South Africa’s major retail stores as well as restaurants, a skate park, indoor climbing rock, wave house, and various other specialist and entertainment options.