Landscaping Guidelines

The overall aim within the natural landscape areas, is to enhance the function of the natural environment, rather than style or manicure it. These areas, once established, should require little maintenance apart from ongoing removal of alien invader plants and maintenance to formalised trails.

Only indigenous plants will be specified for these areas. We will be introducing some colour into the natural areas, particularly on the edges of Forests and wetlands with the use of some seasonal flowering shrubs & bulbs, groundcovers and grasses.

The Landscape Design will be formulated to compliment the KwaZulu Natal Coastal environment & the proposed architecture

We believe the natural areas should be enjoyed by Izinga residents, and will be placing eco-friendly trails through some of the natural areas, with the approval of the Environmental Officer. These trails are managed by the Management Association (MA).

downloadDownload Landscaping Guidelines (PDF - 365KB)
Vision to Transform

The vision is to transform the existing valleys & hills, currently planted with sugar cane, to KwaZulu Natal Coastal Lowland forest. The public open space that falls within the flood lines and buffer zones will be 100% indigenous with species representing the local forests. These indigenous valleys will become environmental corridors that encourage bird life back to the overall site.