Izinga Park

At the north end of Herrwood Drive is the sea facing, access-controlled Izinga Park. This environmentally managed phase has two entrances off Herrwood Drive Extension, which will be monitored 24/7.

The appealing architectural style of IZINGA has been blended with a more contemporary feel and embraces an earthy African Palette combined with Mediterranean and "Balinese" forms.
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Approx Site Extents
1,000m² - 1,400m²
1,000m² - 1,400m²
Number of Units
Izinga Park falls within IZINGA and enjoys the open spaces where one can walk, run, cycle and relax in the Izinga suburb.

Izinga Park 2 has internal private open spaces where residents can enjoy the serenity of a landscaped environment.

Izinga, the open suburb has security management as an integrated part of the neighbourhood which includes camera surveillance systems for the suburb entrances, patrols in open spaces and public roads.

Izinga Park 1 and Izinga Park 2 are access controlled by means of patrolled green clear view fencing and manned entrances.