The architectural style for Izinga is an earthy African colour palette, combined with Mediterranean /Balinese form. Izinga has its own Management Association to take care of issues such as security management and maintenance of public spaces.

A classical expression of sub-tropical architecture clad in the tones and textures of Africa

To develop a suburb with a character of its own there is a need for uniformaty and cohesiveness in building features. These features are effectively intended to be design responses to the climatic conditions of the environment.

This design code focuses on the treatment of roofs, scale, walls, windows, verandahs and streetscape in order to facilitate a suburb characterised by its cohesiveness and appropriate climatic response.

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Tones and Textures of Africa

It is the intention that the airy character with visually dominating roofs, large verandahs and uniform use of colour, common to the suburbs in sub-tropical regions of the Mediterranean, blended with the textures and earthy tones of Africa will form the basis of the architectural language of Izinga.