Professional Team


Landscape Architects

Uys & White

Landscape conceptualization and landscape design has been a core function of the firm's involvement in property development and infrastructure provision and we take pride in the proficient execution of our duties. Our approach towards landscape design, through a comprehensive process of site analysis.

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Leitch Landscapes (Pty)

Leitch Landscapes (Pty)

Leitch Landscapes (Pty) Ltd is a KZN based company founded in 1983. Since its inception, Leitch Landscapes (Pty) Ltd has developed expertise and gained experience in a broad spectrum of projects and has grown into a fully-fledged landscaping enterprise capable of handling all projects in its stated fields of expertise. Leitch Landscapes (Pty) Ltd is multi-functional and offers services ranging across the spectrum from Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Installation, Irrigation installation and maintenance and various other conservation related rehabilitation and environmental services.

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Electrical Engineers

Bosch Projects

Since its inception in 1961, Bosch Projects has developed a long and successful history of innovation in the fields of engineering, project management and equipment design. Bosch Projects has a global client base that stretches from Africa to the Americas and the Pacific Rim.

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Security & Communication Consultant

Rob Anderson and Associates

Rob Anderson and Associates provides consulting services in the fields of Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current and Automation) as well as Security Engineering. Projects have been undertaken throughout South Africa and Internationally.

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Sagnelli Associate Architects

Sagnelli Associate Architects

Sagnelli Associate Architects is a practice that specializes in discovering the character of each individual client, the nature and potential of the site and marrying the two into a signature home that reflects the dreams and aspirations of the family.

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Consulting Engineers & project Management

Goba Consulting Engineers

Hatch Goba is a South African consulting engineering practice, which is independent and progressive, and offers multidisciplinary services primary for development of civil infrastructure. As a member of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) the firm is committed to working closely with clients, create cost effective solutions and enabling efficient investment in new quality assets.

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Project Planning

Rob Kirby Associates

Rob Kirby Associates CC - The firm is Durban based and its staff has had extensive planning experience in KwaZulu Natal and the Durban region as well as in Cape Town, Swaziland, Zanzibar, Mozimbique and Ruwanda. A close association has thus been formed with a wide range of Provincial and Governmental Local Authority planners, most of whom are personally known to the firm. This has fostered an understanding of the attitudes and problems of these officials with regard to the granting of planning permissions of various nature.

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Land Surveyors

K J Moloi and Associates (KJMA)

K J Moloi and Associates (KJMA) is a professional land survey practice that is based in Pinetown, KwaZulu- Natal, was founded in 2000, is owned, and actively managed by its principal Johannes Moloi, a professional land surveyor and a sectional title practitioner. Johannes is ably assisted by a professional land surveyor, three qualified technical surveyors, as well as experienced draughtspersons. Whilst KJMA has a special interest in cadastral, sectional title and topographical & engineering surveys, the firm is well skilled and sufficiently equipped to undertake most survey related tasks using the latest equipment and technology. KJMA strives for excellence in the surveying field and is committed to producing work of the highest standard.

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